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The World Within Mad Max: Fury Road

Like every Mad Max films, the world within Mad Max: Fury Road is set in a violent dystopia where everything is dreadfully scarce. Directed by George Miller, the movie kicked off fast with continuous eye-popping action sequences that hardly stopped. Another great feature of the film is the fleet of insane rundown cars and war vehicles-assembled by the production crew in the old-school way-that bring out the futuristic heavy metal setting of the film. See also how you can recreate the Iconic Movie Road Trips.


Mad Max Fury Road Movie Inforgraphic

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  • Zurick

    This film injects some really fresh blood into a commonly dull summer action movie. Nicholas Hoult’s character captures the spirit and mentality of Fury Road’s insane world. Most of the car design doesn’t make sense but I like it!

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