Historical Timeline of Japan 1984
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A Historical Timeline of Japan (1984)

Japan has a long and rich history that extends back thousands of years of civilization. The country’s ancestors and forefathers have left their mark all over the land of the rising sun. The Heian period, running from 794 to 1185, is regarded as the pinnacle of the Japanese imperial court, Buddhism, Taoism and art, particularly literature and poetry. The 1984 timeline below includes six maps explaining the different periods of Japan’s historical past, from the Stone Age and the Courtiers Age to medieval and modern times. Also see the History of Samurai and the Sure Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Japan.


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John Dorr, Bob Pratt
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Tokugawa shogunate

Historical Timeline of Japan 1984 Infographic

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    Read the the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon. It’s a detailed observations of the Japanese upper class during the in the 11th century, Heian period.

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