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15 Awe-inspiring Facts about Mobile Commerce

Selling products and services online is not something new to talk about, as eCommerce has a rich history of serving people across the globe with easy purchases. But, the recent surge of mobile phones and internet connectivity has expanded the number of users and buyers. Today, more than 1.2 billion users are accessing the internet daily because they are enjoying the ease of browsing valuable information and products.

The eCommerce has proved a milestone in shifting conventional shopping to electronic devices. The m-commerce has continued the legacy by allowing users to avail shopping facilities through their handheld devices. The enhanced user experience and the comfort of ordering products at the comfort of the home have further improved the number of online buyers.

The MarketingLand – one of the reliable report publishing organization – addresses in a report that 55% web traffic of the top online stores comprises mobile users, whereas the rest are using other devices to visit stores.

1/3rd of E-commerce is actually Mobile Commerce

The facility to browse the internet from a mobile device has replaced the desktop computers with handheld devices. These facts are supported by mobile shopping statistics, which declares that around 60% of the online buyers use their smartphones to search products and services. This can be the reason that m-commerce has tremendously increased by 250% in the last two years just in Asia.

Being part of the eCommerce ecosystem, mobile commerce has been recognized a billion dollar industry. The sales through mobile devices were negligible in the past, but it brews $100 billion of revenues a year in the US alone. Talking specifically about event and promotions, mobile commerce brings-in half a million in sales on Cyber Monday that is indeed a major achievement.

M-commerce is getting credible in digital payments

In terms of mobile gadgets and applications, consumers are more likely to make purchases on iPhones rather than Android and Windows devices. The buyers, who were once reluctant to pay via digital wallets, are not open to pay through their smartphones. Almost half of the online buyers seem to trust their digital wallets for making payments online. The 19% of eCommerce payments that are finished through mobiles are speculated to reach 27% by 2018.

Surely, mobile gadgets have facilitated the users to access the internet and find their favorite products without sticking to a location. They are free to sit in any corner of their home or office to visit an eCommerce website, view products, place orders, and make the payments without even changing their positions. This extended comfort has paved the way for technological advancements. This infographic summarizes statistics about mobile commerce so that you come to know what’s happening in the industry.


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