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Any complicated task, no matter how complex, begins with Step 1. However, it can be nearly impossible to get even the simplest task done if you don’t know where to begin with that first step. Anyone who has constructed a lead generation campaign for their Internet marketing efforts understands this, because building such a complicated mechanism to attract and convert new customers on a website is a very complicated undertaking. A lead generation campaign is made of many different moving parts, and each one of them is essential for attracting and converting all the myriad types of visitors a website will encounter.

For example, some visitors come to a website because of search engine results, which means a campaign’s SEO and PPC components need to be full-featured and functioning at optimum efficiency to deliver the strongest results. Other types of visitors already have a basic idea of what they need and who they would like to work with, but they need reassurance that they’ve made the right decision. In those cases, a website stocked with customer testimonials and authoritative case studies can be a powerful tool to convert them and solidify their resolve. Still, other types of visitors aren’t even thinking about needing a particular product or service until they see compelling viral content shared by friends on their social media feeds. With so many types of website visitors and tools to convert them, it can be difficult for the Internet marketer to keep them all straight and know where to begin.

That’s why we here at Internet marketing services agency Straight North have created the flowchart seen below. We’ve spent “. In that research, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what goes into a successful lead generation campaign and how all the components fit together. This led us to create this infographic illustrating what we’ve come to know as the ecosystem of Internet marketing lead generation. Using this resource as a blueprint of sorts, marketers can build a hih-performance campaign that will deliver the strongest results for their businesses.

Whether you’re building a lead generation campaign from scratch or optimizing an existing one, the infographic below can be a very helpful tool. Without it, you run the risk of leaving something out and potentially ignoring a crucial segment of your audience. Review this flowchart, and you’ll know exactly where to begin with your next campaign.

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy for Straight North, which provides SEO and PPC services, and is a leader among Internet marketing companies. Shorr has more than 25 years of marketing, sales and management experience, and has been featured on reputable sites including Forbes and Entrepreneur.


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