Grow Fruits in Your Garden All Year Round
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How to Grow Fruits in Your Garden All Year Round

Fruits in general, naturally grows in cycles and become ripe throughout a specific season every year. While we all love to eat apples, avocado, banana and blueberries, with a careful planning, you can transform your backyard garden into a four-season source of fresh fruits, lowering your dependency on food store – even during winter. So here is the list of fruit-bearing plants and tress that you can plant in your garden to give you an all year round supply of fresh produce. Folks at HappyToSurvive also include a chart on what to plant during autumn, winter, spring and summer, how long to bear fruit, what soil to use and a few helpful tips. See also the Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet and Vertical Gardening: Save Space by Growing Up.

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