What Does Hinduism Teach
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What Does Hinduism Teach?

Hinduism, an old polytheistic religion to many, is described as a way of life by all Hindus. Hindus have a wide variety of gods and goddesses — like the creator Brahma, the preserver Vishnu, the destroyer Shiva and many others — that represent the one abstract supreme being, Brahman. Followers can choose whom to pray, what to study and follow. But the core values and concepts of karma, dharma and moksha remain the same. While the majority of the world’s Hindus are living in India and Nepal, you will find communities of Hindus in different countries. So what does Hinduism teach? The following visual serves as a brief guide to their beliefs and practices. See also the Roles of Women in World Religions and the Greek God Family Tree.


Hinduism Beliefs and Practices Infographic

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