Black Friday vs Cyber Monday Infographic
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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: When to Buy the Best Deals

For American shoppers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days to seize a bargain deal and save a lot. But with the busyness of the shopping holiday and the madness of the sales, should you wait until Cyber Monday sales to shop online or rush to the store for Black Friday pandemonium? Here are the pros and cons on buying that new shoes or gadget on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. See also Thanksgiving by the Numbers and How Much do Americans Spend on Halloween.


Black Friday vs Cyber Monday - Shopping Infographic

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  • Mel

    I don’t do Black Friday. Cyber Monday is more of my thang.

  • dcpeon

    Black friday and cyber monday is becoming a global holiday sale. Retailers in other countries like Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, China and India have adopted this marketing scheme.

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