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Many of you will have tried to go on a diet before. You’re determined to turn over a new leaf and decide to eat healthy meals and find a regular exercise routine. We generally begin with good intentions and for the first week, we might be reasonably successful. After that, it can get harder and harder to keep going with it and we often fall back into familiar habits. This infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre takes you through some of the apps to help keep you focused on your weight loss and fitness goals.

Let’s look at some of the typical reasons why diets fail. One thing is, of course, the effort they require. After a long day at work, the last thing we want to be doing is slaving away in the kitchen when we’re so tired already. We often decide to prepare something quick or order a takeaway and relax for the evening. It’s totally understandable but it’s hard to achieve our goals this way.

Luckily, technology is there to help. For example, one big issue people face with diets is not knowing enough recipes. They might look in the fridge to see what’s there and draw a blank on what they can cook. There’s a really cool app called MealBoard that recommends meals based off whatever ingredients we have so be sure to check that one out.

Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often about having both a healthy diet and getting sufficient exercise. Often, having a good diet isn’t enough if we’re still getting very little exercise. A balance is needed and sometimes it can be hard to find. We might end up eating too much after exercise, or eating the right amount but not exercising enough. So, that’s why apps like Myfitnesspal are so important – they give you the important information on both the diet and exercise front.

Often with these apps, it’s hard to get an idea of what they’re like without downloading a few of them. Why not check a few of them out to see if they suit your needs? Most of them are free so if they don’t take your fancy you can just hit the uninstall button. They seem to get great reviews though so hopefully you’ll be able to find something that can help you out. See all the best meal planning and nutrition apps in the infographic now.


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