The Best Ice Cream Spots In The UK

July is National Ice Cream Month and Sunday 16th July is National Ice Cream Day – as if we need an extra excuse to dig into the cold stuff.

Luckily, Character Cottages have put together a map plotting the best cafes, parlours, vans and restaurants to get ice cream around the UK.

From Bournemouth to Bristol to Bangor, their tasty ice cream map has everywhere covered – in fact it’s the perfect guide for planning a UK ice cream tour.

Not only is the graphic super handy for getting a fix of some frozen treats, but it’s also super cute too. Check out those ice cream parlour illustrations, they have been hand-drawn by the talented team at Character Cottages to replicate each individual ice cream shop.

So how did the creators of this graphic find and decide on these top ice cream spots? Well it’s not just a matter of personal opinion. They have scoured through Trip Advisor to find all of the 5-star rated ice cream venues in the UK. Wow, they must certainly have needed some ice cream after that!

One of the most joyful things about this graphic is the amount of variation in the ice cream providers included on the map. They range from traditional Italian ice cream shops to countryside based organic ice cream producers and seaside ice cream vans.

They even managed to find a top-rated café in Falmouth called Ciuri Ciuri, which serves vegan and sugar-free ice cream. Talk about catering for all tastes!

Another venue which caught our eye was Gelato Gatti in Port Talbot which serves us prosecco flavoured ice cream.

The Lyme Regis ice cream shop Frank & Beans Gelateria also sounds lush – their signature dish of freshly baked brownie, caramelised nuts and salted caramel and hazelnut gelato, with a chocolate hazelnut drizzle and whipped cream just sounds like a dream come true.

The graphic is beautifully designed with a distinct feel of summer and 1950s ice cream parlours. At the top of the graphic you can see the entire UK with all of the ice cream venues plotted on the map.

The graphic is then handily broken down into England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland making it easy to find the best ice cream spots near you.

To find out more detail about each of the ice cream places featured check out this blog.

Now pass the spoon, ice cream awaits!


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