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100+ Filming Locations Featured in BBC’s Planet Earth

The BBC’s Planet Earth TV series take us into the wildernesses and see the natural wonder from many regions of our world and the animals that live there. From stunning panoramic shots from space to amazing time lapses to wildlife rarely spotted in the rainforest while David Attenborough narrates, this documentary offers some of the most humbling images you’ll ever see. Wondering where are the filming locations of the mountains, caves, deserts, jungles and ocean featured on the series? Here’s the map of filming locations of Planet Earth’s season 1, which was shooted in 207 filming trips in 62 countries, and season 2, which was shooted in 117 places in 40 countries. See also the Star Wars Filming Locations and Video Game Locations You Can Travel in Real Life.


Filming Locations Featured in BBC Planet Earth Infographic

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