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18 Parenting Hacks to Prepare Kids for the World

Parenting is tough. When you’re in the trenches, trying to decide what’s most important and balance out finishing the laundry, reading that bedtime story and handing out discipline when it is needed, things get overwhelming. This infographic was created to help parents focus on the truly important things when it comes to preparing your child for life’s adventures.

The first category touches on the three P’s: Practice, Patience and Perseverance. These character traits will take a child a long way in life. It helps to start encouraging those characteristics at an early age. A positive attitude and determination to give your all in whatever you pursue are also key to success in the long run. Those elements can be taught and re-taught along the road of life.

Some of these tips go against the grain in today’s society. Let your kids be bored, when technology and screens are everywhere? If you succeed at letting them play, with no screens in sight, you’ll be surprised to see their creative side flourish.

Discipline is a hot topic for all parents. This infographic provides tips on acknowledging their feelings, disciplining with empathy and using natural consequences to help teach your child critical thinking skills. These can be helpful when life gets overwhelming and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Eventually your defiant toddler or school-age child is going to have to think for herself and handle life without your guidance. Understanding the consequences of her actions will be very important when that time comes.

The final category reinforces the presence of parents and the importance of being there when your children need you. Showing unconditional love and remembering that actions speak louder than words are things that all parents must remember are key to helping support children in becoming successful adults. Utilizing teachable moments is also important because children absorb knowledge and experience.

This infographic aims to be a quality resource that brings the elements together on a tough day when you need reassurance, and on a good day when you feel like you’re winning at parenting.



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