How Screen Addiction Affects Kids
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How Screen Addiction Affects Kids

Screen addiction – in the shape of smartphones, tablets and laptops – is rising among toddlers and children. While mom and dad are instinctively willing to hand their child an iPad to keep them entertained during busy hours, some pediatric specialist are asking parents, teachers, and even the government to prohibit the use of any handheld devices for kids below the age of 12. Stimulation of the child’s developing brain, induced by too much exposure to technology like touch screen monitors, has been found to cause attention deficit disorder, impaired learning, cognitive delays, aggression, sleep deprivation and Computer Vision Syndrome. The following illustration is a collection of various study about the negative effects of screen addiction to children’s mental and physical health. See also the Things Your Kids Can Learn Online and Facebook Addiction: Affecting Our Minds?


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How Screen Addiction Affects Kids - Parenting Infographic

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