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VIII Star Wars quotes that will turn you into an email marketing Jedi

Email marketing started a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… We’re kidding. But it is true that without knowing, some Star Wars characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and, our personal favourite, Master Yoda, have been giving us some advice on email marketing in every film.

Valuable advice, we must say! Even Chewbacca has managed to do so (we’ll get to that later…)

Anyways, there is a way you can master email marketing; using all your Jedi force and training hard. We couldn’t bring you a lightsaber, but we did bring you this amazing infographic where you will discover the secrets to the perfect email marketing campaign.

Let’s first discuss some basic email marketing principles to warm up a little bit. After this, you will just have to choose the best email marketing software in the market and get to work!

First day in the mailing galaxy?

Yes, the Dark Side can be tempting, but please, once you get a mailing app, avoid sending thousands of emails a day to everybody in your contact list. You’ll see better results if you learn how to segment and control your sendings. As master Yoda states, and as you will read in our infographic, “Wars don’t make one great”, so don’t try to kill your subscribers’ inbox with countless emails a day.

Use your emails to communicate, to convey your message, not to annoy your subscribers! The 3 main tips we can give you are:

  • Organize your contact list: first things first! Do you think anyone would start naming the Star Wars characters with the Stormtroopers? Of course not, they would start with Darth Vader!
  • Create quality content: Something your subscribers might enjoy, something useful, valuable. It should melt even Darth Maul’s heart.
  • Make sure it looks good! Design is as important as words, so make sure your campaign is the prettiest in the galaxy.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Do you think Han Solo would have saved the galaxy without Princess Leia? Well, mailing works the same way. Once you’ve finished your campaign, let your colleagues take a look and see if they find it convincing. It may sound natural or look nice to you, but a second (or third) opinion is always helpful.

Yes, we know that your campaigns won’t look the same from planet Gmail than from  planet Yahoo, but you shouldn’t worry about that. Your mailing app should include an email preview, which allows you to see how it will look without having to drive your Millennium Falcon over there.

Ready, steady… go!

Now you’re ready to dig right into our fantastic infographic. Remember to choose a good email marketing software: this will make the difference between becoming a Jedi Master or falling into spam’s dark force… If you follow our tips and tricks, you’re ready to rule the mailaxy!


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