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Must Have Free Apps For Working Parents

In this infographic from HappyCleans, we take a look at how apps can help working parents to have an easier life. Many working parents will often be worn out from the stress of trying to manage everything at home and keep on top of things at work Well, let’s look at how apps can help and make things a bit easier for you. First up, we have health and safety and of course this is so important for all families. For example, the Continuous Care app lets you store all appointments and medical information for the whole family on one app. This is so handy because many of our readers will be all too familiar with the million appointments that they need to remember; let this app assist you here.

Let’s now have a look at routine as that’s also such an important factor for any family. How much time do you spend every week helping your kids to do the most basic of tasks? You often have to make their beds every day or for younger kids brush their teeth in the morning. Happy Kids Timer can help you here as it encourages kids to do at least a few tasks by themselves. Maybe if they did a few chores, it might give you an extra hour in the evenings to relax.

Even travelling as a working parent is never straight forward. There is so much to remember whether it is the travel information, the hotel bookings, or the rental car information – it’s made harder by a bunch of hyperactive kids screaming in your ear. Let TripCase take control of your holiday as it consolidates all of holiday stuff in one place.

Of course, another frustrating issue with being a working parent is finding enough time to spend with the kids as they’re growing up. For example, the Path app is really cool as it essentially gives you a private Facebook for just the family. Catch up with the kids on your lunchbreak by sending a few messages to the family on the app. We all know that the kids wouldn’t like if you messaged them on their public Facebook page so this is a very handy solution. Another really good app is Keepy as it lets you save all your children’s artwork in once place. We all know the mountain of drawing they get through whether it is at school or at home and it really is nice to have them all in one place.

Just to elaborate a bit on household tasks, Chorma is another app well worth checking out. It basically turns household tasks into a bit of a competition and all family members earn points based on the amount of household tasks they complete. Okay, this isn’t going to turn the kids into cleaning maniacs but you’d b surprised how much more the kids would do when it’s turned into a competition.

For any family; budgeting can be a major problem. There are so many expenses throughout the month that you can sometimes be wishing for payday long before it comes. Mint might help you here as lets you keep all expenditures in one place; so you’ll know when you’re short of cash. This is handy as sometimes you’re short of cash before you even know you’re short. This app even gives personalized recommendations about ways you can save money.

You should definitely investigate a few of these apps to see if they can assist you. They’re all free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All apps are available on all platforms so get downloading them now!


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