Royal Crowns of the World
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100 Royal Crowns of the World

If you thought that royal crowns were exclusive to the United Kingdom, you’d be wrong. The royal crowns of the world came in different form and design. Made of expensive materials and filled with precious stones, these crowns are symbols of the monarch’s power, made for the coronation of kings, queens, emperors, empresses, emirs and sultans — who reign in many countries. From the Blue War Crown of the Pharoahs and the Ducal Hat of Leichtenstein to the Imperial State Crown of Russia, Napoleon’s Golden Wreath and the Tiara of Pope Benedict XVI, here are the 100 Royal crowns from different monarchies around the world. See also what’s Inside Europe’s Royalty Jewelry Boxes and the cost of Royal Wedding vs The Average Wedding.


100 Royal Crowns of the World - History Infographic

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