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Best WordPress Hosting Providers on The Planet

A substantial number of bloggers always suggest using high-quality web hosting for your website & it is imperative to choose best hosting company if you have a WordPress site. The WordPress blogging platform is an open source & hundreds of developers are continuously contributing to it to make it better. But, at the same time a lot of bad minded people or so called “hackers” are finding holes to hack WordPress site, so WordPress Security is a primary concern while choosing a good WordPress hosting provider.

There are a lot of hosting providers which are specially optimized for WordPress. These hosting providers also provide tight security to protect their customer’s websites from being hacked. One most important thing to do to protect your site from hackers that you should always update your WordPress installation. Every time WordPress releases an update, it contains a lot of patches, security fixes & improvements. You should not have to worry about it as the hosting providers listed in the below infographic updates your WordPress installation whenever is an update available.

A lot of large enterprises face one major attack called the DDoS attack. If your website meets this type of attack, you don’t have an another choice but contacting your web hosting provider & asking for help. The web hosting provider can apply powerful software based rules & hardware firewalls to protect such a DDoS attack.

Along with security concerns, another important factor we need to consider while choosing a great WordPress hosting for our website is Speed. If your site is not fast enough then, Google will penalize your site & you will face search engine ranking drop. There are a lot of ways to improve your WordPress website speed such as Compressing & Optimizing images, Leveraging Browser Cache, Setting Last Modified Header, Using server level cache plugin, using CDN to serve static files but the most important solution to improve your website speed is using faster WordPress hosting provider company.

Your website should always load under 3 seconds otherwise the majority of people may leave your site as it isn’t loading fast enough. Nowadays, site speed matters more on mobile devices. If your site is not loading fast on mobile devices, then you will lose traffic, conversions & money. The web hosting provider plays a significant role in improving your website speed. If your web hosting server is responding under 200 ms, then you’ve got the best hosting company in the world.

The more factors are Server Uptime, Price & Support. Look out this infographic & find the best WordPress Hosting provider for your website.


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