Fidel Castro Revolutionary Life Timeline
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Fidel Castro: A Timeline of His Revolutionary Life

Fidel Castro, the rebel communist who led the revolution that overthrew Fulgencio Batista’s capitalist government and established a socialist state in Cuba, finally dies at 90. Castro was Cuba’s first Marxist leader, along with his military adviser Che Guevara. He is praised by many for promoting social values, education and standing up against ten U.S. presidents throughout his five decades of rule. He is also received a lot of criticism for the lack of democracy, suppression of public dissent and a declining economy, which caused many Cubans to leave their country. Here is the timeline of the revolutionary life of Fidel Castro. See also How did Hitler Rise to Power.


Fidel Castro Timeline of  Revolutionary Life - History Infographic

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  • Baja Willy

    Poor dictator. He spent his whole life fighting capitalism and then he died on black friday.

  • Berny

    Good that Fidel Castro died. He keep his country poor and killed dozens of thousands. Rise up Cuba!!!

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