Thrifty Wedding Couple
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The Thrifty Wedding Couple

Economics Professors Hugo Mialon and Andrew Francis, from Emory University in Georgia, conduct a study and found that couples who prefer cheaper wedding generally have longer-lasting marriages than those who spends lavishly. They believe that having less expensive wedding minimizes young couples of a financial problem that could put tension to their marriage. The Emory study also discovered the connection between inexpensive engagement rings and low divorce rates. If you have a limited budget, you can still have a wonderful wedding by follow the tips below. See also Pre-Wedding Events Timeline.


The Thrifty Wedding Couple Infographic

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  • Didiza

    If you really want a cheap wedding, reduce expenses on everything except the photographer. The food and cake will be eaten. Flowers will surely die. You only wear the dress once. When your memories fail, you’ll have those lasting photos.

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