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Eminem: Old School vs New School

Detroit-based rapper Marshall Mathers, famously known as Eminem, started his career as a more gentle MC on Infinite to controversial rapper on The Slim Shady LP to one of the most successful hip hop artist in world. Throughout his career, Eminem’s music has attracted both accolades and criticism for wicked poetic lyrics. He’s won 15 Grammys, an Academy Award for Best Original Song, and a record-holder for the fastest-selling solo album in music history. Here’s the timeline of his old and new albums from 1999 to 2011. See also History of Hip Hop and Tupac Shakur: Life by the Numbers.

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  • Doggznutts

    Eminem’s albums from best to worst imo:
    1) Eminem Show
    2) Marshal Mathers LP
    3) Recovery
    4) Marshal Mathers LP 2
    5) Slim Shady LP
    6) Encore
    7) Infinite
    8) Relapse

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