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Brief History of Samurai Warriors

The Samurai or Bushi were the ancient Japanese warriors during the feudal Era of Japan which consisted of four key periods: Kamakura, Muromachi and Azuchi Momoyama and Edo. These warrior class started as a servants of daimyos or wealthy landowners and gradually gain total control and dominance over Feudal Japan for more than 700 years. Similar to the knights of medieval Europe, Bushi lived by a code of conduct called Bushido which promote absolute loyalty. They were expert in the ways of the sword, archery, spear, martial arts and even firearms. Quickly recognized by their two swords – the katana and the wakazashi – samurai commonly dressed in kimono over flowing trousers, called hakama. Here’s a brief history of the samurai warriors. See also the Historical Timeline of Japan and the Martial Arts Belts in Order.

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