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The Rise of Taylor Swift

It’s rare to to see a singer takes both the pop and country music world by storm. In the case of Taylor Swift, her remarkable rise to fame along with her crossover success became a reality at a young age. After her very first headlining concert tours of 2009 and 2010, Taylor Swift has gone on and become a multi-platinum musician and winner of many major awards. She sold more than 26 million albums globally and she’s amongst the best-selling digital recording artist in history. Her self-penned songs are based on her personal experiences, relationships and heartbreaks. She has said many times in interviews that listening to her tracks is much like reading from her diary. There are many factors to Swift’s success, but being a genius as a songwriter as well as a storyteller helped a lot. See also The BiebStory: Highs and Lows of Justin Bieber and the Life of Kanye West.


The Rise of Taylor Swift Infographic

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