US Election By The Numbers
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2016 US Election By The Numbers

United States, the most powerful country on earth, is going to elect a new president on November 8, 2016. After 18 months of intensely battled presidential campaign, millions of Americans will have to vote, between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, for their next head of state and commander-in-chief. Here are a few interesting facts and numbers about the past and present election along with previous candidates. See also How to Become President of the United States and Resumes of 2016 Presidential Candidates.


US Election By The Numbers - Politics Infographic

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  • Linda

    Hillary is the next US president!

    • Mr. McGrady

      The American people wanted huge change and she was too untrustworthy to be president.

  • Bad Advice

    If Hillary wins, I’m leaving the country. If Trump wins, I’m also leaving the country. No, I’m not mad… I just love to travel!

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