Napoleon Bonaparte's Disastrous March during the Russian Campaign of 1812
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Napoleon’s Disastrous March during the Russian Campaign of 1812

This statistical map traces the path of Napoleon’s grand army marching to Moscow in his 1812 campaign. The big tan stream represents the scale of Napoleon’s army, diminishing as it approaches Moscow. The black stream represents the size of his troops while in retreat. There were 422,000 soldiers crossed the Neman River to engage with the Russian army. Only 10,000 of them comeback alive.


Infographic Design
Data Visualization
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Charles Joseph Minard
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chart, drawing
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Charles Joseph Minard
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war, Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Disastrous March during the Russian Campaign of 1812 - Vintage Infographic

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  • TheBaws

    This is pretty clever because it shows all the important info(time, location, geography, temperature and the number of casualties) into one single graphic.

  • Colt45

    Many soldiers in Napoleon’s army had died from typhus during its retreat from Russia.

    • Maxime

      Yea, typhus was rampant among the soldiers caused by infestations of lice.

  • Carl T.

    This event ended the Napoleonic Empire and triggered a major shift in European politics.

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