Electric Car vs Hydrogen Car Infographic
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Electric vs Hydrogen: Battle to Fuel the Future of Cars

As politicians and motorists become more worried about the rising gas prices and pollution, Tesla and Toyota offer a promising alternative that influenced the buying choices of consumers. Here’s the comparison of the two media-hyped alternative fuel vehicle; hydrogen fuel-cell cars and electric cars. These zero-emission autos are set to be the future of “green” transportation. See also The Battle of the Electric Cars.


Electric vs Hydrogen Future of Cars Infographic

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  • ImGavin

    When Toyota introduced the first-generation of Prius in 1997, many people said it was ugly and it will fail. Today, Toyota sold over 8 million Prius worldwide.

  • Tejas Bansode

    Great Infographic 🙂
    These truly are the future of cars…

  • Elliot Butler

    Nice Infographic. This infographic hepls me away my confusion to buy a car.

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