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Voyager 1: The Farthest Spacecraft From Earth

NASA’s Voyager 1, the farthest spacecraft from earth, left our solar system and makes its way into the interstellar space. While the twin probe, Voyager 2, is already within the heliosheath — the outermost level of the heliosphere in which the solar wind is stunted by the pressure of cosmic rays and interstellar gas. The aging Voyager 1 satellite was launched in 1977 for a flyby mission to closely examine Jupiter and Saturn. Despite how far has the voyager 1 traveled, its 1970s radio transmitter can still send result to the home planet. But its power supply is not infinite. It will eventually die and left to wander the immensity of our galaxy. See also the Chart of Space Exploration Missions and the 29 Space Missions Beyond Earth: Where Are They Now.

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