Real Cost of Home Improvements Infographic
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The True Cost of Common Home Improvement Projects

There are lots of ways for home improvement projects to go over the budget—costing you more money than you or your chosen contractor or sub contractor have estimated. That is why some homeowners conduct as much of the renovating as possible themselves to spend less. While many home owners could guess the price of a new refrigerator or television, few can estimate the expense of even the most simple home repairs. Check the concise illustration below to know the highest and lowest potential cost of popular home improvement projects. See also the 14 Remodel Projects That Increase Home Value.


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True Cost of Common Home Improvement Projects Infographic

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  • J.Sanders

    The main reason why home improvement projects cost more(and always take longer to finished) than what was agreed upon is because all contractors and sub contractors wants to get as much money as they can from home owners.

  • Assia

    Remodelling a kitchen under 20k? You have to do all the labor yourself.

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