Signs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Teens Infographic
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7 Signs Your Teen could be Hiding Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Most alcohol and drug abuse begins in teen years. Curiosity, boredom, rebellion, peer pressure or just the feeling of being a “grown-up” are some of the reasons why teens experiment with alcoholic beverages or illegal substances. Teenage drinkers and drug users may make decisions that will put themselves or others in danger. This can start from acting stupid to offending a friend or get involved sexually that can lead to injuries, property damage, fights and unwanted pregnancy. Here are the seven signs your teen could be hiding alcohol and drug abuse. See also Keeping Your Teen Safe from Cyberbullying.


Signs your Teen is Hiding Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Parenting Infographic

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  • J.Sanders

    No parent likes to send their addicted teen to a rehab, but alcohol and drug addiction is a sad reality in some families.

  • Terry

    Parents should focus more on safety and responsibility with alcohol, instead of trying to scare young adults into keeping sober.

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