Dont Ask Dr Google He is Not a Doctor
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Don’t Ask Dr. Google – He’s Not a Doctor!

More and more people are visiting Dr Google for medical information rather than a real doctor. And increasingly more people suffer from health anxiety soon after Googling their symptoms. Trusting incorrect medical info on the internet can make you become a cyberchondriac. Derived from the term hypochondria, cyberchondria characterizes individuals who rely solely on the web for self-diagnosis, constantly worrying that something is not right with their body. Before you search another medical term or disease, read the graphic below. Also see How Do Search Engines Work.


Dont Ask Dr Google He is Not a Doctor - Health Infographic

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  • Freddy Reich

    Google gives lots of info on what warning signs and symptoms could reveal but very little results on how to rule things out.

  • Marissa

    Omg, I’m a cyberchondriac! Everytime I have a minor symptom or illnessI start getting worried and start googling about it.

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