History of the Video Game Industry
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History of the Video Game Industry

The early 1970s witnessed the beginning of the mass-market video game. Started as a electro-mechanical arcade games, video gaming in the United States today is a $20 billion-a-year industry, outperforming the combined sales of movie, music and DVDs. As technology has evolved, the quality of video games not only improved but the size of its market grow as well. The early generation of gamers, who spent their childhood years playing classic games like Mario, Pac-Man and Pokemon, are now the consumers that populate the world today. As smartphones and tablets established themselves in the market along with playstation, Xbox and Nintendo’s handheld devices, the gaming industry will continue to grow. Now let’s look back at the popular consoles and video games that makes Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo the major developer they are today. See also Which is Better: Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

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  • MrBradlord

    The current state of the video gaming industry is dominated by greedy developers.

  • Patrick Joseph Neary

    I truly enjoy gaming! I’m NOT fantastic at it,…but it gives me some challenges/escapes! I only have the following: a plus year old HP Notebook, Quad-core, 500GB, 4GB Ram. I have an additional 4 TB, WD, HDD. My Jen, has a new AMD A12, 7th ed., Lenovo ideapad 310! This machine can handle plenty more computer games,…than mine! I have a Tablet, and a smartphone,…both Quad care machines,…with 32 GB’s of extra RAM, ea. Oh, my HP, is only the AMD A6. I’m looking forward to Nintendo’s new handheld,…coming out this Summer, 2017! I might pick one of these items up! I don’t need the 3D, one!

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