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Brief History of the British Royal Family

Since 1066, when William I became the King of England, some British kings have fathered more than 100 children out of lawful matrimony. The court acknowledged many of them and started their own lineage. Most of the royal dukes today are living descendant of them. For those interested in the family history and genealogy of the British royal family, watch the ancestry chart explainer below. The family tree display the monarchy from the reign of William the Conqueror and King Henry VIII to Queen Victoria and Prince George of Cambridge, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. See also The Royal Wedding.


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  • tillyagirl

    Today the Queen doesn’t have any real legal power. The Royals are largely just a ceremonial in which many English people like to preserve.

  • coffeehihi

    At age 60, Prince Charles is one of the oldest Prince of Wales in royal history. It would probably be best to skipped him in the line of succession and pass it to Prince William in case the Queen passes away.

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