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There’s an ocean of information flowing around us. This wave of information needs to be process and consumed, which require a special kind of communication. In the age of information overload, infographics have really come of age. With creative illustrations, infographics can explain complicated subject in a concise and engaging way .

Infogrades is your place to discover, discuss and digest infographics. We regularly curate all types of infographics to entertain, engage and educate you, our busy readers. Though we do our best to provide you with quality infographics, you should be aware that sometimes the colorful visuals outshine the validity of the data. Some may contain incorrect or debatable information. We encourage you to check the source of information and grade them accordingly.

To fulfill our mission, we’ve made our website as easy as possible for you to navigate and read infographics. Take your time, browse our topic menu and check the category pages. You can also bookmark the us, follow our updates on Twitter or Facebook and share us with your friends.

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