Which Religion has the Most Followers Worldwide
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World of Religion: Most Followers Worldwide

Religion is everywhere and its landscape is changing due to worldwide immigration. The National Post collect all the religious organizations of the world, arranged together in one visualization. This bubble race chart shows the origins of different beliefs, how it get spread across the world and the size of their followers. See also The Almighty Dollar: Income Distribution by Religious Belief.


World of Religion Most Followers Worldwide

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  • It was estimated that there are around 4,200 religions in the world today. In the 150,000 years of human history, humans created hundreds of thousands of various gods. Hindu alone claimed to have 309 deities. The ancient Hittites has over 1000 deities in their pantheon.

  • Norman

    In Norway, a lot of people are members of the state church but most of them are not religious. Because if one parent(at least) is a member, you became a member too at birth. You can change religion, but most of them don’t bother.

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