Tattoo Acceptance in the Workplace
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Tattoo Acceptance in the Workplace

Most companies still see tattoos as a distraction to their business, despite of the increasing acceptance of people with visible tattoo in the workplace. When hiring, many employer are more inclined to reject a person with ink or piercings in his body, even though they are as qualified as someone who does not have a tattoo or piercing. Probably because of the history associated with tattoos, this form of body modification is still discouraged in the present workforce. In the past, tattooed people were looked upon as either criminals or sailors. Not long ago, this discrimination has decreased and having ink in your body became acceptable. Here’s a collection of statistics about tattoo acceptance in the workplace. See also Tattoo Infographic: Inked in Full-Body.


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Tattoo Acceptance in the Workplace Infographic

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  • Claire Chandler

    Keep your tattoos limited to areas that you can keep covered at work if you want a managerial position in the professional world.

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