Size Of Africa Continent Infographic
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The True Size Of Africa

German graphic designer Kai Krause is trying to change the geographical map of the world by reconstructing the true size of Africa. Many of the world maps we see today has been distorted, making countries close to the equator appear to be relatively small and nations around the north and south pole looks large. The traditional Mercator projection of the world extremely miscalculate Africa’s true size. Here’s the illustration of Krause, showing the outlines of different countries packed within the outline of the huge African continent. See also the number of African Elephants Slaughtered for Ivory each Day


The True Size Of Africa Infographic

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  • sarasatara

    Africa is a massive underdeveloped continent. Africa also has the biggest share of underutilized arable land on the planet. The land can be used to grow crops to feed our growing population.

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