1854 Lengths of Rivers and Heights of Mountains
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Comparative Geography of Mountains and Rivers from 1854

This vintage infographic was published in 1854 during the Victorian times. Many of the famous and old graphical charts came from that era. It illustrate Earth’s longest rivers and highest mountains side-by-side. All the mountains and rivers are organized in descending and ascending flow. If you’re wondering what those numbers means, check out the legend here. See also Our Amazing Planet: From Top to Bottom.


Published by
A & C Black
Infographic Elements  
chart, illustration
Designed by
Geo Aikman
Associated Topics  
mountains, rivers

1854 Lengths of Rivers Heights of Mountains Vintage Infographic

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  • StarGazer

    This was back in those days when this victorian infographic were called diagrams

  • ayedurr

    This is incredible considering they probably travel from one end to the other just to take those measurements. Not to mention many parts of the country was still unexplored by man.

  • Clark

    Very interesting to see what people back then know and didn’t know. Coz today we know that the river nile was the longest river in the world, followed by the amazon, then yangtze.

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