Must Have Home Improvement Tools
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50 Must Have Home Improvement Tools

No matter how sturdy your house was constructed, the time will always come when you need to repair, restore and maintain some part of it. Being prepared for these emergencies is a sign of being a great homeowner. Every household should have a basic collection of hand tools for fixing any small home repair problems. This includes a good claw hammer, measuring tape, saw, a set of pliers, sockets and adjustable wrenches. Here is a comprehensive list of the top 50 must have hand tools that will help homeowners on some basic home repairs and small home improvement projects. See also The Ultimate Guide to Home Safety.

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  • Daerdemandt

    When it comes to home repair or improvement, it’s much better to have 8 tools to do 8 tasks than to have 1 tool to do all the 8 tasks.

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