The D-Day
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The D-Day

D-Day is the day the Allied forces attack and invade the Nazi-occupied France on June 6, 1944. The landing of the western Allies on the Normandy beaches is the beginning of a long and expensive campaign to free north-west Europe from Nazi German occupation. To win the battle would call for an intricate planning, clever deception and the setting up of the largest airborne and sea invasion this world had ever witnessed. This infographic shows the 5 Phases of the D-DAY invasion and the timelines, strategies, and geographic information of this major event of World War II. See also The Fallen of World War 2.

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  • Crowforge

    There are 4,184 casualties on Omaha beach

  • Colt45

    I miss playing Company of heroes.

  • During those times Germany was also spending large amount of its resources battling the soviet army.

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