Mapping the Biggest Empires throughout History
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Mapping the Biggest Empires in World History

Throughout human history much of our world has been reigned over by empires. Conquering other countries to expand their territory was their favorite pastime, specially the Ottomans, the Mongols, the Spanish and the Romans. Listed below some of the biggest empires ruled by great conquerors and famous ruler like Genghis Khan, Queen Victoria and Peter the Great. Whether the empire is politically led by an emperor, a monarch or be an oligarchy, the following visual rank the largest empires based on the land mass they invaded. See also the Terracotta Warriors: Facts and Information and Who Were the Vikings and Where Did They Come From.

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  • MrMied

    Qing dynasty has a land area of 14.7 million km2, Yuan dynasty has 11, Xiongnu Empire has 9.0 and Empire of Brazil has 8.5

  • Sepiroth

    They include Aztec Empire but not Greek Empire smh.

  • Garry Hayden

    Zambia (previously Northern Rhodesia) was never part of the Portuguese Empire as depicted in your map of the Portuguese Empire. Namibia (German South West Africa) was never part of the British Empire other than a small enclave called Walvis Bay. Otto von Bismarck declared all the surrounding territory from the Orange (Oranje) River up to the Zambezi River as a German Colony. Thanks GIH

  • Paulo Roberto Araujo

    Hmm… left out about HALF Portuguese: Ceuta (Morocco) Guinea- Bissau (West Africa, below Senegal) Cape Verde Islands, S. Tomé and Principe, Goa, Daman & Dio territories (India) East Timor (next to Indonesia), Malacca (now Malaysia) Phillipines (offered to the Spanish crown as a dowry by the portuguese King) Mombassa (now Kenya). Also see below comment from Garry Hayden.

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