Science of Aging Infographic
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The Science of Getting Old

As we age, our body enter a biological aging process in which our system naturally deteriorate and we become more vulnerable from everyday wear and tear. At old age, many important physical and mental functions stared to fail. This graphic answer the commonly ask questions about human aging; why do we age, why our hair turns gray, why our skin wrinkles, why we get shorter, why we go blind and why we easily forgot as we age. See also Our Aging Population.


The Science of Getting Old Infographic

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  • Patrick Joseph Neary

    I am both a male, RN-trained, USA,…nurse,…with a master’s degree, in sociology: gerontology, from Duquesne University,…in Pittsburgh, PA. I am presently, 62 years old. I have noticed, besides recent cataract surgery,…a decrease in my epidermis quality skin tone! My fingernails break more easily. I still have a strong attraction towards women,…especially my Jen,…my sexual drive/stamina’s down somewhat. My cognitive abilities seem undaunted,…I believe, at present! I detest IQ exams!!! Yes, I qualified for a U.S. Army commission,…and was commissioned, years ago. I obtained an “honorable-discharge,”…and was up for Captain. I bruise a-lot easier, now! My bruises are maroon in coloration. And yes, the old liver spots!!! I have some of them, too! My hair, all over my entire body’s still mainly light brown. I have severe ADHD, etc. I’m semi-retired,…and taking early social security. I’ve gained 38 lbs., since my younger days! I need to tone back up! I see a physician, regularly! My father was killed, in Argentina, back in 2009,…a truck accident,…my mother’s alive, and almost 82. I’m of Austrian/German heritage. I have two grown sons, and a grandson. My best jobs were in accounting, and college teaching!!! I TRIED to help others, in nursing, but female nurses,…tend to diss male nurses!!! Men make up about 7% of present day nursing!!! Women still rule,. Nursing! LONG LIVE EVERYONE,…with quality health!

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