Finding Cure for Cancer
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Why Haven’t We Found a Cure for Cancer Yet?

It’s been 2,400 years ago since cancer was first recorded by Greek physician Hippocrates and possibly even longer from the time the first treatment was tested. Today, we still haven’t found a cure for the second leading cause of death in Americans – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If traditional medicine was unable to invent a cure for this long, it looks like a potent antidote will require every recently gathered knowledge about human genome, microbiology and modern medicine. See also Kidney Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment and Prostate Cancer: Facts and Statistics.


Why Haven’t We Found a Cure for Cancer Yet Infographic

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  • joonique

    The government and some pharma companies involved in the cancer industry are suppressing the cure to keep their multi-billion dollar industry alive.

    • grannie

      No such conspiracy exists. Cancer survivor has doubled in the past 40 years. Doctors today use a complex combinations of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biologic therapies and surgery to cure cancer patients.

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