Soy-Free and Gluten-Free Protein Shake Recipes Bodybuilding
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27 Gluten-Free and Soy-Free Protein Shake Recipes

Protein shakes are convenient meal replacements and a post-workout recovery drink. But mixing up the same recipe can get boring for you and your taste buds. Below is a mix and match list of 27 yummy protein shake recipes that will give your entire body the energy it needs to work on a day or recover from a serious exercise session. From peach cinnamon smoothie to vanilla pumpkin pie to chocolate ginger shake, these unique and delicious recipe will give you a soy-free and gluten-free diet. See also the Whole Fruits vs Fruit Juice.

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  • Kulafu

    I would replace all those shakes(except that creamsicle) for a breakfast meal

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