How to Become a Pokemon GO Master
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How to Become a Pokemon GO Master

Pokemon Go is the most successful augmented reality game to date with over 10 million mobile user download the app in just under a week. Millions of gamer are playing Pokémon Go to play the role of a Pokemon trainer to catch virtual monsters in the real world. Your iphone or android smartphone functions as a map helping you locate digital creatures to capture and direct you to Poke Stops to collect items. If you’re a beginner player and want to know how to become a Pokemon GO Master, keep reading and catch all them tips in the guide below. See also History of Pokemon Video Games.


How to Become a Pokemon GO Master - Mobile Game Infographic

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  • innerlocus

    Nintendo succesfully invented a new genre, MMOARG( Massively Multiplayer Online Augmented Reality Games) I want to try it but Pokemon go is still not available on my country.

  • bluekitty0

    Tip #1 Live near a huge city. Playing Pokemon Go in a rural area sucks.

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