Deadpool Box Office Worldwide Records Infographic
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Understanding the Success of Deadpool

Marvel’s Deadpool is a huge success for 20th Century Fox and Ryan Reynolds, who spent years persuading the studio to allow him recreate the comic book adaptation of the wisecracking mercenary—the R-rated way. Deadpool is a loud-mouth anti-hero, but his own movie makes a much better first impression in the box office than Spider-Man, Batman or any member of the X-Men. The big box office success of Fox’s R-rated Deadpool earned $762 million from an investment of just $58 million. See also The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline.


Understanding the Success of Deadpool Movie Infographic

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  • Rachida

    With deadpool’s success, I hope they make an R-rated Wolverine movie and let Tarantino direct it in a Kill Bill style.

  • clunkclunk

    Deadpool was successful because It filled an empty niche, the R-rated superhero. Also Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job marketing the movie.

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