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History Of Jazz

Started by the African American communities, the Jazz era began in the early 20th century in New Orleans. Some say this music genre is the only original art made in the United States. Regardless, the musical movement became popular and grew to mainstream media. The music of the great Dixieland trumpeter Louis Armstrong, swing musician Benny Goodman and Bebop saxophonists Charlie Parker lifted the spirits of many Americans during the time of Great Depression and Second World War. Here’s the rich history of Jazz music. See also the 20 Important Classical Piano Composers of All Time and Evolution of Music Formats.


History Of Jazz - Music Infographic

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  • Lula M

    Nice idea, but…

    1) Where is the coll jazz? Where is the hard bop? Where is the contemporary jazz?

    2) Fuzion as hard guitar and riffs? Does Weather Report have any guitar?

    3) Have you ever listen to jazz music?

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