Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is gigantic, and with the box office success of its previous films and TV shows, the Marvel franchise is still expanding. This data visualization is a beautiful attempt to put the series of movie plots in a timeline arrangement. Now you can watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological viewing order. See also Avengers: Age of Ultron and Civil War: Captain America vs Ironman.

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  • BigMutt

    It’d be exciting to see where Marvel Studios would take the storylines in Phase 4. I hope they go deep into the cosmic and mystic side of MCU with the Guardians, Nova, and Inhumans.

  • akaMyThought

    Im excited for the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Infinity Wars.

  • Davey West

    Please update for current movie projection/ recents. Spider-Man deserves to be here

    • Davey West

      Also this is beautiful

      • Davey West

        Just found the update. Glory glory

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