1876 Porcineograph - U.S. Map Shaped as a Pig
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This Porcineograph (1876)

This Porcineograph is a 19th century map of the United States, in shape of a pig. Created by William Emerson Baker, this peculiar map was made as a memorabilia for visitors at his Ridge Hill Farm. Baker uses the different crests of every state of the Union as the border for this hog-map, along with local cuisine that involves pork goods. Digitized by the The Library of Congress.


Published by
Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company of Boston
Infographic Elements  
map, illustration
Designed by
William Emerson Baker
Associated Topics  
swine, pork, bacon

This Porcineograph 1876 - Vintage Infographic

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  • BaconistheAnswer

    Baker made this map to sanitize the raising and processing of pigs in the US.

  • Imonen

    A Pig’s-eye view of the Ge-HOG-raphy of America

  • esreveR

    This is one of the best looking lithography of 19th century.

  • quiksaand

    I thought this was about pork-barrel politics in the US

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